About Us

Murphy Machinery was established in 1999 and is a family run company. Our first hourly contract was completed in 2000 with three scrapers and one bulldozer.  During the past 13 years our fleet has increased to 43 scrapers, 18 bulldozers, 16 articulating trucks, 8 excavators and various other miscellaneous pieces of heavy equipment. We have now reached the size where we can cater to the diverse requirements of our valued clients.  It is important to us to have the right tools for the job.

It took a lot of work to get this far.  Along the way we’ve been fortunate to find and keep some very talented employees. In addition to the initial earthmoving crew, we now have a complete compliment of site servicing equipment and personnel which has increased our ability to expedite construction contracts.

Since inception, one of our main goals was to be very good at landfill construction.  Our people have vast experience in all aspects of landfill construction and remediation.  From cell excavations to methane gas lines to leachate systems to landfill cell liners, we have completed projects of various sizes and complications.

RMC Getting Down

We also pride ourselves on our commercial and industrial site work abilities.  We have completed some difficult contracts on time and on budget.  We have the capabilities to move 1000 m3 of earth or 1,000,000 m3.  We can install all of the underground servicing that may be required.

We have embraced the use of technological advancements.  By adding Global Positioning System (GPS) to our equipment we have been able to improve our accuracies and achieve better production.  We can accurately track, report, validate and control workflow from receipt of initial designs to project completion.

We are proud of what we can do at Murphy Contracting!



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