At Murphy Contracting we’ve always completed our projects on time and on budget.  We’ve embraced challenges and adapted fully to meet them.  Our decade of experience is your gain.  We can offer turnkey contracts without concern of completion.  The only thing that slows us down is inclement weather.

We pride ourselves on our diverse fleet of equipment.  With our knowledge the equipment is put to work in the most cost effective and productive way.  We understand that no two projects are the same and what works on one contract may need to be changed for another.

Equiment 2
Equipment 1

Site Servicing:

  • complete site servicing, including installation of water, storm, sanitary lines and related works
  • road building from earth grades up to final asphalt layers
  • fencing from silt fencing to chain link
  • landscaping from berm building to tree planting and grass seeding
  • electrical  servicing from underground to overhead pole lines
  • railway spurs

Site Servicing

Earthmoving and Grading:

  • scraper fleets able to move anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 cubic meters of earth per shift
  • truck fleets able to move material types not suitable for scrapers
  • wide range of bulldozers from 6 way D6’s to D9’s with rippers and various blades
  • equipment is equipped with GPS technology to enhance accuracy and efficiency
  • all equipment is maintained to highest mechanical standards with in-house maintenance team
To complete projects with varying soil types, tight time frames and close quality control, the need for a diverse equipment line and experienced office and field staff has become imperative. Murphy Contracting has all the necessary pieces in place to complete your projects in this changing environment.
Earth Moving

All aspects of landfill construction and daily operation including:
  • cell excavation
  • liner construction from geotextile to clay to HDPE
  • leachate and methane collection systems including, pumping stations and wells
  • stone supply and installation
  • capping, topsoiling, seeding
  • waste remediation
  • day to day placement of garbage and daily cover
  • brown field site remediation including hazardous and non-hazardous cleanup and backfill
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